Anger Management

Anger is just another human emotion that we all experience from time to time. It is healthy to be able to express this strong emotion instead of feeling that you always have to suppress it. However, there are positive and constructive ways to control your anger so that it doesn’t get out of hand, compromise your health and/or your relationships. Try these tips for keeping your anger under control:

  1. Count back from 10 to 1 when encountering a stressful situation where your first reactions are to yell, scream or even punch out someone. Repeat the words “calm and relaxed” over and over until you feel an invisible shield surrounding you, protecting you.
  2. It may be helpful to take a break from the person or situation inciting your anger until your anger subsides and is under control. In that way, time will be on your side.
  3. Breathing deeply will give you the precious moments needed to think before you speak; you can’t get the words back that are shouted out of anger, so give yourself the time needed to think clearly and effectively, without anger. Use this time to collect your thoughts!
  4. Express your anger to another person in terms of your feelings, for example “I feel so hurt when you say that to me”. Your feelings are your one can fault you for that! Feelings cannot be shoved under the carpet without creating a big bump to trip over. Not a good idea.
  5. Exercise is such a great modifier of anger...walk, run, your favorite physical activities and you will find that they are great outlets to dissipate your anger. With exercise, various brain chemicals are stimulated, resulting in your feeling more relaxed and content than before.