Anxiety Treatment NJ and Panic Attacks

Symptoms of panic attacks are shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, nausea and faintness, among others. They usually last only for a few minutes, rarely hours. However, an individual is frightened because it may feel like a heart attack and he/she feels helpless.

When a panic attack strikes, it's a good idea to sit down, take slow breaths into a paper bag and realize that this situation is temporary and will subside. Usually, the person will feel much improved when he/she leaves the immediate situation. It can be very helpful to see a counselor who is skilled in a Behavior Modification technique such as "Relaxation Therapy" or Anxiety Treatment to acquire coping skills to deal with the panic attacks.

Becoming aware of the triggers leading to the panic attacks or anxiety attacks is important while learning coping skills in order to have control of yourself and not feel as though you are a "victim."

Anxiety attacks may be the result of feeling that you do not have control over a situation and you are vulnerable. Therefore, you are afraid and anticipate the worst possible outcome.

Many times, restructuring your thought processes with a counselor to understand that your thinking may be inaccurate is a powerful instrument in lessening anxiety. We cannot be objective about ourselves, and a nonjudgmental therapist can help considerably. Read about my treatment therapies, and contact me for more information about anxiety treatment in NJ.

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