Divorce Counseling &
Second Marriage Counseling

Divorce Counseling

We all recognize how stressful and painful divorce can be. It is extremely difficult for adults, and, of course, for any children and grandchildren involved.

As someone well-experienced as a Divorce Counselor, I can help you and/or your former spouse to set up "rules of engagement" which will help regulate your interactions. Boundaries will be spelled out, possible conflicts will be circumvented and children's needs will be protected.

Should only one of you seek professional help, it is still a worthwhile effort toward smoother relations with a divorced spouse: At least one of you is learning strategies for handling a past relationship. Having a professional person "on your team" gives you the confidence and strength to deal with your ex-spouse in your own best interests (and/or that of your offspring).

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Second Marriage Counseling

In second marriages relationship issues intensify, as if ignited by lightning. This is because a second wife’s life and a second husband's life are involved not simply with each other. Their spouse’s marital history has a tremendous impact upon their lives. In other words, a second wife or a second husband marry much more than the man or the woman. He/she marries the spouse's history as well. These prior marital histories are far-reaching and can have negative effects upon the marriage.

According to the National Center for Divorce Statistics, the average first marriage lasts 6.3 years and the average second marriage lasts 4.5 years. With the help and support of a counselor like myself who is trained in re-marriage marital counseling, you can beat these odds by learning methods for overcoming some of the challenging problems you confront, such as dealing with a former spouse, first set of children, old memories, etc.

You and your spouse can become LOVERS for Life:
Value of Trust
Stability of Commitment

As a Second Wife Therapist who is easy-to-talk-to and is a second wife herself, together we will focus on your specific set of obstacles while you are in the comfort of a relaxed, living room setting in my office.

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