Gay/Lesbian Counseling

All of the topics that concern individuals and couples of course apply to those who are gay or lesbian. Anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflicts and so forth are not restricted to sexual orientation boundaries. 

As a psychologist, I have worked with gay and lesbian people very effectively because of my understanding and experience.  My extensive training as a psychologist and over 27 years of being in practice have included counseling many people in the gay and lesbian population.

It is of critical importance that gays, lesbians (and straight individuals) learn effective communication and problem-solving skills in order to foster a meaningful, loving relationship. These can be taught in therapy sessions.

Therapy with gay or lesbian individuals or couples (with the guidance of a respectful and caring Counselor) can promote a long, healthy relationship. The acronym “LOVERS” is a guideline for one and all. It is an aspiration that is well worth the effort for a lifetime of peace and content.
Value of Trust
Stability of Commitment