Evaluating the Health of Your Marriage

The acronym LOVERS is a concept of marital relationships to help you evaluate the health of your marriage. LOVERS are the essentials--the foundation and building blocks of a marriage. When you and your spouse or partner work toward being LOVERS every day of your lives, you ensure the permanence of your relationship.

Value of Trust
Stability of Commitment


Click the True or False button for each statement. The more truthful you are, the more this quiz can help you.

  Statement True False
1. I feel that my spouse has a lot of respect for me.
2. My spouse is totally committed to us.
3. I truly feel my spouse doesn't listen to what I have to say.
4. I am completely committed to my spouse and our marriage.
5. My spouse is a very understanding person.
6. I want to know everything that's on my spouse's mind.
7. My spouse is not very honest with me.
8. I've never thought that I've made a mistake marrying my spouse.
9. Frequently, I'm too angry with my spouse to try to understand her/him.
10. My spouse seems to put me low on the list of his/her priorities.
11. My spouse finds it difficult to remember my preferences.
12. I admire my spouse's character.
13. I have to be careful of what I tell my spouse; it is not confidential.
14. My spouse is always there for me.
15. I'd be supportive of my spouse through thick or thin.
16. I come first in my spouse's life.
17. I find it scary to be emotionally or physically intimate.
18. My spouse keeps feelings to herself/himself.