Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Both of the above terms are nearly interchangeable; how can you value your self-worth if you feel that you are an incompetent individual, and how can you feel that you are competent unless you feel that you are a valuable, precious human being?

It takes a few years growing up to develop your own “identity” are borne into this world with a certain set of “innate givens” (temperament), and those givens, combined with a constantly spiraling interaction with your caregivers lead to the development of your personality. Can negative images of oneself be more positive?

Sure they can, with quality counseling to help you intercede in your negative thought processes and promote the reality of your value as a person...your self-worth. It can be done, with time and patience.

When you are feeling better about yourself, you will be motivated to try new things, new ideas and perhaps take a chance on a new path for yourself in life. Trying something new (whether you fail or not) leads to not only a greater sense of self, but to more confidence in your abilities. When you start “coming through for you”, you know that you can count on you because you then are a tried and true entity.